Transforming the power system

Energy investments by homes and businesses are playing a significant role in decarbonising our energy supply.

This rate of change is world-leading and, aside from the environmental benefits, its impact is being felt at two other levels. For individual households this will help keep power bills down, but collectively this is creating a new energy system. By 2050, rooftop solar systems and other types of distributed energy, will contribute more than 45% of Australia’s electricity.

Australia is working its way towards a smarter, enhanced energy system that can better manage supply and demand pressures, handle peaks and troughs smoothly and efficiently and get the most value from existing poles and wires infrastructure without the need for expensive re-investment.

This must be an energy system that works for everyone, both consumers with solar, batteries and smart management systems and those without these things. This will allow all Australians to harness the sun and reap the benefits of a new technological age.

About this guide

Whether you already have solar PV, are planning to invest in it in the future, are thinking about a home battery or are not in a position to consider any of this new technology, there are implications from this quiet revolution for everyone.

  • What happens to the energy produced but not used at home?
  • When is the right time to buy a battery?
  • What can consumers earn from energy exports, and why isn’t that as much as it used to be?
  • What happens if everyone else gets solar and you don’t?
  • Why are we being charged for clean energy when the sun is free?
  • Is there a limit to how much solar we can generate?
  • Do we need more poles and wires to spread the energy around?
  • Can we share the energy we generate with our neighbours?

While this guide can answer some of these questions, we can’t advise you of what system to get (if any). For more information:

This guide is designed to help inform energy consumers across Australia about how the rapid growth of rooftop solar is impacting how our energy system works, and what that means for us all in the future.