The new energy guide

Making solar, batteries and new energy technology work for everyone

A quiet transformation is taking place across Australia as homes and businesses invest in Distributed Energy Resources such as rooftop solar, batteries, electric vehicles and smart energy management systems. These technological innovations are placing electrical power into the hands of consumers at an unprecedented rate. Between 2.6 million and three million Australian households have already installed solar panels on their rooftops. Within the decade, a further three million households will follow. It is essential that Australia’s energy network has its own transformation to keep pace with this evolving technology and meet changing consumer needs.

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Distributed energy resources: the new normal

Distributed energy resources will play a central role in the energy grid of the future, but there’s some work to do to embed them into the existing power system. That’s because the system we have was designed to get energy to your house – but not back the other way. As more and more homes and businesses opt for renewable energy solutions, this work will become even more important. Planning ahead will mean we can take the time we need to get it right.

Designing a smarter energy system